[PLUG] Richard Stallman on Ubuntu's online search feature

Prasanna Balan prazzb at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 05:56:09 PST 2012

On 12/08, Mayuresh wrote:
> http://www.muktware.com/4942/richard-m-stallman-joins-eff-calls-ubuntu-spyware
> Concerns are valid. At least the user should be made aware of it.
> On similar lines, I am worried more about my Android phone on security
> front. I, as yet, refrain from entering any passwords of much relevance to
> me on android - even if they are not cached on the phone.
> It is unclear, why throughout the day my phone's data upload-download
> arrows (icons indicating internet usage) keep blinking...
> I'll need to make all traffic go through a proxy and check what's up.
> I don't as yet have the same confidence that I have developed over years
> in open source software with downloaded apps on android.
> Mayuresh

On rooted phones, there's an app called DroidWall that you can use to
block a specific app from connecting to net.

CyanogenMod had this feature until 7.2 (Gingerbread) where you could
disable any specific permission of an app but they removed
it then. It might be the sudden increase in the number of users.

The latest google search update asked me for a permission to take
pictures and videos. The permissions page says that it can do so at
any instant without my permission. So, no search update...haha

The best option is a proxy or an app like droidwall.
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