[PLUG] Query related to Samba

Yogesh Hasabnis yhasabnis at rediffmail.com
Tue Jan 24 11:52:52 IST 2012

Hi All,

I have one query about a Samba Server setup to ask about. In one of the test setups used in our organization there is a Samba Service running on Fedora 14 OS. It shares a folder say /vol/testXX with a couple of  Windows machines (WinXP Prof and Win 7 Prof) within the same test setup. The Samba security scheme is "user".  I want to know whether I can do some configuration with this samba server which allows a user on the windows machine accessing this samba share, to change an attribute of a folder under this shared folder - say from ReadOnly to ReadWrite (and vice versa) - from within a Windows interface. Suppose I have a folder "folder1" under this share (/vol/testXX/folder1) which shows ReadOnly attribute for this Windows user. So is there any way that I right-click on this folder from windows, select the properties option and change the attribute from ReadOnly to ReadWrite (by unchecking the ReadOnly attribute) ? When I actually try to do this it seems to work, but when I again check the attribute I find that it's not updated at all.

Is such a change of attribute of a Samba-shared folder from Windows interface possible at all ? Can such a thing be achieved using Samba-ACLs or something else ? If yes, it would be great if I get some pointers/docs to take a look at.

Thanks in advance,
Yogesh Hasabnis,

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