[PLUG] How to create bootable linux iso image

Harish hexinchrono at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 17:01:09 IST 2012


On Sun, Mar 18, 2012 at 8:49 AM, gauravs joshi <gaurav291 at gmail.com> wrote:
> First of all it is a dvd iso of OpenSuse 12.1 about 4 gb  and i don't that
> ISO can be  booted from an USB secondly there neither isolnux folder nor
> boot .cat file there is afolder boot and in its subdirectories
> isonlinux.cfg & isolinux.bin is situated I tried the command "mkisofs" but
> it doesn't work..
> here is directory structure i think that may help ...
> ARCHIVES.gz  content.asc     *dosutils     *
>  gpg-pubkey-9c800aca-4be01999.asc  license.tar.gz          pubring.gpg
> autorun.inf  content.key     gpg-pubkey-307e3d54-4be01a65.asc  GPLv2.txt
>                      ls-lR.gz                README
> *boot *        control.xml     gpg-pubkey-3d25d3d9-36e12d04.asc  GPLv3.txt
>                        *media.1                 suse*
> ChangeLog    directory.yast  gpg-pubkey-3dbdc284-4be1884d.asc  *images
>   *                       openSUSE12_2_LOCAL.exe  SuSEgo.ico
> content      *docu *           gpg-pubkey-56b4177a-4be18cab.asc  INDEX.gz
>                       openSUSE12_2_NET.exe
Are you sure you are working with ISOlinux bootloader. Grub for
example can also boot CDROMs. Please see
for more information.
Without access to opensuse i can only guess. Maybe you could recieve
more pointed help in a more opensuse centric list ??

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