[PLUG] [ Kernel Build ] 2.6.32, 3.2.0

Sunil Beta Baskar betasam at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 16:44:13 PST 2012

For those who are interested in writing drivers for the linux kernel (for
whatsoever reason), I am planning a session where everyone can hopefully
carry their own laptops and build together.

The agenda is to build
kernel 2.6.32 (from the 2.6 series)
kernel 3.2.0 (from the 3.2 series)

The objectives for the audience are to
- Get interested in kernel hacking as building the kernel is quite simple.
- Build multiple configurations from the same source simultaneously
[usually one debug and one release build if not more.]
- build only parts of the kernel (e.g. sound/graphics/video alone)
- use alternate build scripts/environments to make it simpler to track

Once this gets started up, we can move on and understand
1. The GNU/Linux/Kernel architecture [moving from 2.4 to 3.x] - motivations
(some of which have been implicit)
2. Understand the GNU/Linux/Kernel boot-up sequence in terms of code
executed all the way until "init" takes over
3. Understand the GNU/Linux/Kernel scheduler as it is today*

I would prefer everyone hacking together - the motivation is to get
everyone started to play with the linux kernel if they have the time and
the enthusiasm. If someone wants to fix bugs (yes there are plenty), then
we could look at the timelines.

Either way, I have been working on the kernel for quite a while, and am no
expert; so everyone joining in would make the audience right.


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