[PLUG] [OT] Wikipedia: State of Tech — A Talk by Erik Moeller

Jadine Lannon jadine at cis-india.org
Thu Nov 8 01:13:23 PST 2012

Hello Members,

The Centre for Internet & Society, Bangalore is hosting a talk by Erik 
Moeller, Vice President of Engineering and Product Development at the 
Wikimedia Foundation, at its office in Bangalore on November 12, 2012, 
from 11.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m., followed by a lunch discussion.

Talk Summary:
Wikipedia's technology platform is rapidly changing, with improvements 
being deployed every day. Unlike other top websites, Wikipedia is run by 
a non-profit (Wikimedia Foundation) and all its technology is open 
source, ready to be improved and extended by you.

Learn about the recent and coming technology changes to Wikipedia and 
Wikimedia's other projects: the new Visual Editor, improvements to 
mobile sites and apps, Wikidata, and projects with mysterious codenames 
like "Echo", "Milkshake", "Agora" and "Flow". Learn how to get involved 
and ask anything you'd like to know about Wikipedia.

This event is public and free to attend, so no registration is required.

For more information on this event, please visit: 



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