[PLUG] Fwd: Debian Installer 7.0 Beta3 release

Arun Khan knura9 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 21:14:57 PST 2012

My experience with the DI beta3 for Wheezy.

1. AMD64 - KDE desktop (English).   Installed the KDE desktop in a
guest VM (LKVM) w/o any issues.  Grub2 installed
without any problems.

With the Wheezy weekly builds upto 20/Aug/2012, this part of the
installer was failing.

2. i386 - XFCE desktop (English).   Chose to install Xfce desktop in a
 guest VM (LKVM).    Desktop packages did get
installed, however the Grub2 installation *failed*.   My junior
engineer who did the testing, mentioned that he was able
to  select Lilo as the boot loader when he went back to the
installation steps [1]

3. i386 - The GDM (v 3.4.2) in the above build - XDMCP chooser is
broken.  The menu sessions in the GDM screen is missing whereas in
Debain Squeeze it is present.   This may not be a DI bug per se.  We
had to switch to KDM where the XDMCP client works.   We will file a
GDM bug report [2]

[1] It is interesting that Grub2 installs in the amd64 version but not
in the i386 version.   My engineer had already filed a bug report on
the DI in Wheezt  to submit at bugs.debian.org (Build of 20/Aug/2012) but
got no response till now.

[2] What is the procedure for filing bug reports?   To date we have
followed the guidelines listed here
<http://www.debian.org/Bugs/Reporting> If we don't get any
acknowledgement then how should it be interpreted?

-- Arun Khan

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