[PLUG] Network Attached Storage - Linux experience

Vikas Damodar Garud vikas at techqual.com
Mon Sep 17 16:10:36 IST 2012


I am looking for NAS for my home use.  I want to store data so that it may be 
accessed through multiple devices - laptops and smart phones through WiFi 
network connection.  At present, I a using SuSE and Ubuntu Linux on my 
laptops.  I have a broadband connection, accessed through WiFi router (Belkin 
N150).  The router has 4 Ethernet ports, currently unused.  I am planning to 
connect the NAS drive to one of the Ethernet ports on the router.

I looked through Seagate and Western Digital websites.  Both of them have NAS 
products/personal cloud products.  Both of them specify Windows and MAC OS as 
the supported operating systems.  Linux is not specified.  Does it mean that 
NAS drives from these manufacturers won't be useful for me at my home?  Or 
does it mean that I need to make some changes to some settings (if available) 
to access the drive through laptops and smart phone?  Or does it mean that 
Windows or MAC OS is necessary for initial set-up (That is manageable).  Or 

Any experience?  Any suggestion for useful drive for home use?  Any place 
(retailer, dealer) where I can buy the same?

Vikas Garud

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