[PLUG] [OT] Tata Communications broadband - escalation contacts?

Ashwin ashwin.lists at gmail.com
Sat Apr 6 22:36:01 IST 2013

On 06-04-2013 09:02, Mayuresh wrote:
> My overall impression is wireless (3G/CDMA) plans and QoS are not yet
> comparable with wired connections. If they become so, I'll be happy to get
> rid of wired connection mess.
Considering the same level of communication algorithms, encoding and 
error correction techniques being available for both - the wired being a 
guided and protected medium (protected from external interferences) will 
always remain better than wireless i.e. unguided and unprotected medium, 
basic laws of physics will not change.

Moreover, the energy required to push one bit information over the 
protected medium is also therefore much much less and that affects the 
efficiency and costs involved for the service provider.

Both high energy GSM and CDMA are anti-environment and anti-economy too, 
as they burn the subsidized diesel.

Check out the FTTH from BSNL. Now they offer the same ADSL Broadband 
tariffs for FTTH.

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