[PLUG] Mailing list issues

Thin Rhino trmlist at gmail.com
Tue Jan 1 19:47:38 PST 2013

My two cents.
1. Moderation wrt to holding new member emails in Q, only to verify that
the new member is not a bot - Required
2. Moderation wrt to formatting - previously required. Not necessary to
continue, email clients have evolved.
3. HTML Mail not allowed - This is okay, a lot of people still use text
only mail, even inside thunderbird
4. Quality of questions or discussions - If the 'good' people are missing
from the list, discussions will never be good. To retain the interest of
the good people, what ever steps necessary should be taken.
5. I can understand why moderator names might be with held. I don't see
anything wrong with that part. I understand the kind of unnecessary abuse
s/he has to under go, also I very well know how people form personal
opinions. People fail to see, that a moderator might have taken steps,
which are a part of his job or duty and not due to some personal issues or

Let us not "open - up" the entire list, let us just relax a few filters,
eg: top posting, suspicious headers, etc.


On 1 January 2013 21:15, Mandar Vaze / मंदार वझे <mandarvaze at gmail.com>wrote:

> > This mailing list has 'bugs'. Subscribers don't want an explanation of
> > why the bugs exist. They want the bugs fixed.
> +1 million :)
> One "bug" several people like at least an explanation (better yet - a fix)
> is :
> why "sometimes" an email sent from Gmail web interface is held/rejected
> with the reason "Suspicious headers"
> -Mandar
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