[PLUG] Looking to get certificate in Ethical Hacking and Digital Security

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Wed Jan 9 11:33:23 IST 2013

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> | Does anyone know if there are any Ethical Hacking
> \--
> There is nothing called "Ethical Hacking". It is a term coined for
> marketing purpose. Don't fall for it!
> Hackers are people who push technology to the forefront, and are keen
> on solving challenging problems. Sadly, the media has misused the term
> for ages.
> The people who break into systems, bring down networks are called
> "crackers". Please read:

+100 with the view point above.

Unfortunately, the PHB (potential/pointed hiring/hair  boss) would not
know the difference if his life depended on it.
In the job market reality, sometimes one has to bend a little bit with
the defs and talk the language the PHBs understand :)

<PHB anecdote>

A CEO questioned my suggestion to add the "default gateway" to his
streaming audio server (which was not working).   (I was the one who
setup his company's MPLS VPN infra)
</PHB anecdote>

-- Arun Khan

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