[PLUG] 3g Wifi router tuning

Manas Alekar manas_alekar at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 11 13:59:29 PDT 2013

>>  Unfortunately the fault involves 2 factors - OS and router.

Maybe it's your laptop's chipset and 802.11 standard it tries to use.
> I kind of solved this. Old workhorse WRT54GL came to the rescue. I
> upgraded its firmware from DDWRT 23 to 24 SP2 BETA and used it as a
> repeater bridge.

Did you try to disable 802.11n on your Lava instead?

> I had already tried WRT160NL (a third router I have) to do the same,
> though NetBSD did not get along well with it either (not even in isolation
> as AP).

This makes perfect sense if the wireless drivers in your version of NetBSD
don't know how to play well with 802.11n, they might be missing the knowledge
of a few "feature" bits.


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