[PLUG] ftp server with whom Windows ftp client would work

शंतनू shantanoo at gmail.com
Sun Jul 28 03:41:55 PDT 2013

On 20/07/13 10:21 AM, Mayuresh wrote:
> Recently had a situation to try ftp client on Windows with vsftpd ftp
> server as well as classic Unix ftp server.
> Windows client draws strange errors like this, though Unix client is seen
> working fine with the server:
>  FTP error "425 Use PORT or PASV first.

Seems like on passive mode is off. Following may be useful.

$ ftp
ftp> passive
Passive mode: off; fallback to active mode: off.
ftp> passive
Passive mode: on; fallback to active mode: on.

Few useful links:

> Web searches show this to be an issue with the ftp client. Many of them
> conclude "don't use windows ftp client".
> I do not have control over the Windows machine. So can't install any
> alternative client / scp / cygwin etc.

Using scp/sftp is always recommended.


> I have control over the server side. So could try installing smb etc.
> But before that just wanted to check whether ftp is really a closed option
> with default ftp client on Windows and Unix/Linux ftp servers? Is there
> any configuration option or any ftp server implementation that can make do
> with pesky Windows ftp client?
> Mayuresh

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