[PLUG] UNetBootIn Curieawcity...

dhanurdhari at gurudrushti.in dhanurdhari at gurudrushti.in
Mon Jun 3 03:06:07 PDT 2013

I have used unetbootin  software to get rid of cd/dvd burning just to 
load/install linux distributions in the past.  However this is something 
that i have not done so query to know if somebody else has done this 

1. create partitions on the pen/thumb drive.
2. copy different installable iso's onto thus created different 
partitions of thumb drive.
3. load oses from those partitions of the thumb drive.
4. partions of the thumb drive have non-similar file systems (e.g. if 
one partition is formatted btrfs, the other one could be ext4/3, and 
another one could be beos or something different.

post your feedback if **more than two things** are achieved... because 
one is doable, it takes two to tango, and the rest is *_mystery_* at 
least to me so far... (__NOT Mr.E__, don't mistake with that)

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