[PLUG] Updated Aksharyogini font release in Open Font License

धनुर्धारी dhanurdhari at gurudrushti.in
Sat Nov 2 05:34:22 PDT 2013

We Happily want to state the following...

On Friday 01 Nov 2013 4:35:11 PM Sudhanwa Jogalekar wrote:
> Dear friends,
> You may be aware that we (my family) have released a font family earlier.
> Here is some background if you are not aware of it.
> On the first death Anniversary of Yogini Joglekar(my aunt), our family
> released AksharYogini (Normal) Font on 1st Nov. 2006. This font is
> primarily for Marathi language but can also be used for Hindi (for any
> language using Devanagari). It also has English support. Later on, on the
> occasion of Gudhipadwa (Chaitra Shuddha 1, 1931; that is 27th March 2009) ,
> we released the additional fonts to complete the "AksharYogini font
> family". This font family was/is made available on the site
> http://aksharyogini.sudhanwa.com for free usage/distribution/sharing.
> Today, on the occasion of Eighth Death Anniversary of Yogini Joglekar, we
> are now releasing an updated "AksharYogini font".  This font is also
> available on the same website http://aksharyogini.sudhanwa.com
> This is an updated font and has support for the new (MS Windows) operating
> systems where the internal mechanism for font rendering is changed. Also,
> it has additional characters for the current Unicode standard and the Rupee
> Sign is also included.
> Most important is the licensing. The new release is under the Open Font
> License. As such, all Linux distributions will be able to freely use it in
> their packaging.
> Please feel free to use, share, distribute the new font. You can download
> it from http://aksharyogini.sudhanwa.com .
> Give us feedback on my email id or the official id for the font "
> aksharyogini at sudhanwa.com " You can also comment on the guestbook on the
> website.
> Do share this news and also the font.
> Wishing you a Very Happy Diwali !!
> Thanks and regards
> -Sudhanwa

Release of the font ***First Time***, ___Second Time___ and "This time" also 
has not only helped people with penchant for writing, but it has also helped 
people make other people think about why technological matter like fonts and 
their ownership and licenses, their vernacularizarion is a matter of 
importance to all people Breathing Marathi, Living Marathi and also Consuming 
Marathi litterature...

Our many Thanks to Yogini Jogalekar and also to people having family name as 
Jogalekar and those lucky ones having first name as Yogini... that goes with 
even saying... May this light of wisdom take us through the times when people 
need to breath in their mother tongue and breath out in their mother tongue...

Adios Amigos 
॥ शिवो रक्षतु महाराष्ट्रीभाषारसास्वादतत्परान् ॥

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