[PLUG] Still no _good_ devnagari terminal in sight?

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Fri Nov 22 20:02:18 PST 2013

I am not a browser-savvy user. I am not a browser hater though for several
tasks a terminal still works better for me. I prefer vi for typing mails
via mutt, use mutt as default email client.

Always wished I could read those occasional devanagari contents in emails
in mutt, in a terminal.

Waiting for years for that to work for me. One of my old posts in PLUG
drew 0 responses on the topic, probably because there aren't any good
options that work.


Yes, there are gnome-terminal, konsole, uxterm and mlterm, though none
sufficiently satisfactory such that you can read decently well.

Even tried exotic options like a terminal plugin in firefox browser, to no

Anyone tried anything that works?


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