[PLUG] Would stopping support for XP backfire on Microsoft?

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Thu Nov 28 18:05:55 PST 2013

Since Microsoft announced stopping of support for XP, there are reports
floating around about vulnerabilities, financial losses they can cause and
why one should switch from XP etc.

"The company is leaving no stone unturned in its quest to get users off
Windows XP and hopefully onto its newer operating systems"

"The fiscal impact of this could be as much as a loss of business
opportunity worth Rs 1,100 crore in a day".."companies are prone to spend
three times more if they do not put a planned migration strategy in place"

"Attackers are exploiting a new and unpatched vulnerability in Windows XP
and Windows Server 2003 that allows them to execute code with higher
privileges than they have access to."

One may suspect, Microsoft itself is throwing XP vulnerabilities in the
open to intimidate users into buying its newer versions.

I am not a Windows user, though general perception is XP was one of the
better versions of Windows so far. Threatening people like this is
unlikely to do any good to their image as a vendor.

Is this a point, CIOs would be made to think about adopting FOSS systems
in place of Windows - both in the server and desktop space?


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