[PLUG] Linux Journal Readers' choice awards 2013

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Fri Jan 3 10:10:29 PST 2014


It's lengthy, you'll have to flip through pages to see all categories.

(Usual disclaimers of a survey apply, though it's not bad to have a look
at them.)

If you are a long term follower of such surveys, some results might
surprise you.

Ubuntu tops in most of the mass categories while Debian tops in some of
the niche categories. Ubuntu laptop maker System76 tops the laptop makers'
category, while Dell tops the desktop category very closely followed by

Gnome has gone down to 5th position KDE tops, though the desktop manager
space is fairly evenly spread.

Best Android app is Google Maps. (Well.. it sucks IMHO, but no good
alternatives either.)

Mozilla thunderbird @41% is way too ahead of others as email client, mutt
appears a yesteryears' favorite now with mere 4.8% share. (I use mutt and
feel like an endangered species... danger of being driven away to some
corner of an archaeological museum, with no idea about my wrongdoing.)

Libreoffice has overwhelmingly taken over other office suites with near
72% vote share, open-office reducing to just 6.7%.

vlc tops best audio players list with 21.7%. I am shocked to see mplayer
down at 9th position with 3.9% votes. However as media player it is at 2nd
position with 13.1% and vlc at first with 60.3%.

Despite Linus' well known criticism of Nvidia, Nvidia tops the best video
chipset with 51.6%.

CVS does not even figure in configuration management / revision control
category. (I still use CVS. Endangered species again...)

Both as a programming language and as a scripting language, Python tops
leaving others way behind.

No surprises for vi/vim topping the editors' list, though it also comes
2nd as IDE (behind Eclipse)!

openjdk java leaves Oracle Java way too behind with over 65% votes.

Although btrfs has acquired a good vote share and 2nd position at 13%, it
is still way too behind big brother ext4 which tops with massive 72.5%.


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