[PLUG] Linux Journal Readers' choice awards 2013

Mandar Vaze / मंदार वझे mandarvaze at gmail.com
Tue Jan 7 03:50:51 PST 2014

> Can you elaborate what "moving with times means"? Tools of the newer times
> make me no more productive than those of yesteryear, so I don't see much a
> point.

It was a generic remark - may or may not apply in the context of "mutt" -
hence the "Disclaimer" at the end of my original email
Anyway, let me try to elaborate further. Since we are talking "generic" the
situation may or may not apply in your case.

When choosing a tool, I typically check when was the last "active"
If my requirement is low enough - something that isn't updated in few years
might also work for me "now"
but when I need a security update, and no one is maintaining it, I am out
of luck (I know, open source, fix it yourself, but honestly just because
one has access to source, doesn't mean one has skills to fix)

In this scenario - I might be better off with something that is "actively"
being developed (Doesn't mean bleeding edge, cause it has different

That is what I meant by "moving with times"

On a lighter note - Original comment was in the context of "feeling like
part of museum".
If "you" feel productive with your current set of tools, then "you"
shouldn't feel ancient/part of museum/endangered specie.
What am I missing ?


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