[PLUG] [COMMERCIAL] New medium for internet advertisement - www.lakhpatipage.com

Harshal Vaidya harshalvaidya at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 4 07:48:48 IST 2006

Hello Everybody

I would like to bring your attention to a new website
I have launched which is aimed at internet
advertising. Its called http://www.lakhpatipage.com.

The concept is to place advertisements in the form of
JPG or GIF images over a grid of 1 million pixels
where each pixel costs only Re 1. Since the cost is so
cheap this 

becomes one of the cheapest mediums of advertisements
over the internet. This concept was originally
promoted by a British Student Alex Tew who sold 1
Pixel for 1$. I am 

 trying to implement the same concept for Indian

I am rapidly promoting my website through many
sources, and within 1 week of launch, its already got
more than 800 visitors and 1 customer. I am also
having several 

inquiries from website promoters, students, attorneys,
mail groups and small businesses etc.

I would therefore request you to have a look at this
website. Advertisement need not be only from
businessess and website owners. It can also be from
individuals who want 

any of their personal  work to be publicised over the
internet to thousands of people.

Since I have just started up I am earnestly looking
for customers and am willing to give them space at
discounted rates.

For any further enquiries or just plane
suggestions/criticisms you can reach me at
harshalx at gmail.com.

It will be great if you could spread the word about
this site to your friends collegues and relatives as
it will help me generate some traffic on the website.

Sincerely yours,
Harshal Vaidya
Cheapest way to advertise on the internet.

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