[PLUG] Re: Companies working in linux in Pune !

Shantanoo Mahajan shantanoo at gmail.com
Fri Apr 14 22:12:19 IST 2006

+++ Rohan Dighe [PLUG] [14-04-06 20:45 +0530]:
| > First of all....
| > a "TOP POST" from "webmaster at plug" VERY VERY BAD....
| >
| First thing,
| People make mistakes !!

Agreed. Perfectly fine. But repeating mistakes is ... :)

| There is no need to make issue out of it !!!

I don't think its an issue. 

| > Second of all even though the mail was addressed to the specific
| > person the info was of genreal use to everyone and i would rather
| > enourage posting to the mailing list than offlist.
| > Infact i make a practise not to entertain offlist mails unless i have
| > requested them specifically (e.g. me asking a resume from a person in
| > my prev. mail in this thread, a very specific mail and no use to the
| > list).
| >
| Secondly,
| that mail was sent to PLUG by ME and according to the sender he
| unusually might have addressed it to me... i hope there is no problem
| in that
| see i had started this thread
| i got the answer
| and anyone who is reading the thread might get a clue of what's going onnn !!1
| we are not discussing any MATTERS over here !!
| I am generating a wiki for COMPANIES WORKING OF LINUX in PUNE and this
| is helpful to the LINUX COMMUNITY in PUNE
| so i don't get it !!!
| If someone is willing to help you are blaming the person straight away !!
| now this is rude !!!

Please don't shout. It is also considered as rude :)

| Anyone tell me,
| There are so many PLUG people reading this....
| How many of them have not commited a single error in MAILING ?

I would suggest you to check out following sites:


| this is really not fare
| It's just a simple addressing convention and really i don't think any
| serious action should be really taken......

I think action needs to be taken. And not by anyone else but you :).
And it is reading the above links :)

BTW, above links have been posted by me quite a long time back. You
may find it in old archieve whenever it available. Or you may try to
use google cache for that :)

The most successful people in business are interesting.

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