[PLUG] Setting up failover and load balancing router

Shashikant Mundlik shashikant.mundlik at gmail.com
Mon Apr 17 19:10:24 IST 2006

Hi Neependra,

Thanks for your help.

I have alreadly tried this and there are some problem with this setup.
It switches routes only when the physical network is down, ie when network
cable is unplugged or device is not reacheble .

If physical link is not down and if there is problem at ISP side then it
dosen't switches links.

I think this can be achived by a script which will continiously check if the
default route is alive, (by pinging to standard sites) if it gets no
response then it should automaticaly switch the links.

Any ideas on this???
I am working on it and hope to crack it soon. Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks for your help


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Hi ,

Following article may be helpful to you


Shashikant Mundlik wrote:

> Hi All,
> Has anyone has set up a failover Linux router which will switch the 
>default gateway if one link is down.
> I want to use iproute2 and iptables to achieve this. 
> Also I want to limit bandwidth using tc (iproute2) on this linux box. 
> Please let me know if some one has done this and how to do this.
> Regards,
> Shashikant
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