[PLUG] Re: Iqara Broadband

Kaustubh Gadkari kaustubh.gadkari at gmail.com
Tue Apr 18 15:34:01 IST 2006

+++ Desi Penguin [18-04-06 15:18 +0530]:
> Do they officially support Linux ? Anyone using Iqara with their linux box ?
> I think they use PPPoE. 
> I know it is supported on linux, but has anyone
> managed to get this ISP working with Linux ?
Yep. Straight enough with rp-pppoe. 
> Please share any other experience that you may have with this ISP. How is
> the speed/service ? Will they help with Technical queries ?
Hmm..my experience was not that good. There were a lot of
problems..*huge* downtime. The technical support was non-existent.
But..on the other hand, one of my friends is completely satisfied with
the speed, and apparently there is not too much downtime, either.
So..I guess you'll have to get that cleared from Iqara.


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