[PLUG] [COMMERCIAL] Do you have a Silverstein in you?

Santosh Dawara sdawara at gmail.com
Thu Apr 20 22:37:31 IST 2006


Craig Silverstein is Google's 33 year old Director of Technology and has 
the distinction of being the first employee hired by Google. If you are 
curious about how he got there take a look at this article : 

BookEazy Technologies Private Limited is a young high-energy technology 
startup is looking to hire programming talent with exceptional skills in 
Linux and other open source technologies.

Position: Software Engineer
    * Experience with web application development in either 
    * Understanding of scalable, multi-tier web application architecture.
    * Basic familiarity with Ajax, Javascript.
    * Basic familiarity with XML and XSLT technologies.
    * Application development experience for the Linux - Apache - Php - 
MySQL platform would be a definite plus.
    * Understanding of HTML/DHTML and CSS standards is a plus.
    * Familiarity with developer tools: SubVersion/CVS, BugZilla, Wiki 
is a plus.
    * Excellent verbal and written skills with outstanding customer service.

Position: System Administrator
    * Background in Linux or Unix.
    * Working knowledge of TCP/IP networking and load balancing.
    * Working knowledge of security, web servers, NIS/NFS, Mail Transfer 
    * Working knowledge of other network services on Linux.
    * Programming/scripting (BASH/Php/Python, and C).
    * Working knowledge of MySQL or other relational database systems.
    * Excellent verbal and written skills with outstanding customer service.

Besides technical skills, we value people who are proactive, 
detail-oriented, execution-focused and passionate about system 
usability. You may lack experience in some of the above skills but must 
demonstrate a strong willingness to learn.

We are a small, experienced and energetic development team. You will be 
exposed to all aspects of product development and in the process develop 
strong technical and interpersonal skills.

If you are interested in building a career with us, email your resume to 
careers at bookeazy.com or just hit reply. For more information visit us at 

Santosh Dawara,
BookEazy Technologies Private Limited (http://www.bookeazy.com).

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