[PLUG] [Announce] Pune Scripting user group

Nirendra Awasthi lists at nirendra.net
Fri Apr 21 12:48:06 IST 2006

Hi All,

We would like to invite everyone to join the Pune scripting user group.
The main goals of Pune SUG are:

1. Create a forum to discuss anything and everything about scripting
languages including but not limited to:
* General-purpose dynamic languages (Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Scheme,
Smalltalk, SuperTalk, Dylan, Groovy, Jython)
* Application specific languages (AutoLISP, mIRC script, QuakeC)
* Job control languages and shells(AppleScript, bash, csh)
* Web programming languages(Lasso, Miva, SMX)
* Macro languages(AutoHotkey, AutoIt, Expect)
* Extension/embeddable language(Guile, ICI, Squirrel, Lua, Tcl)

2. Promote use of new trends in scripting including Web 2.0

3. A helpful and supportive community

Everyone is encouraged to join and anything related to scripting can be
asked. There is no such thing as stupid question in the group.
You may join the mailing list at http://groups.google.com/group/pune_sug

Pune Scripting User group

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