[PLUG] [COMMERCIAL] Linux System Administrator Position in Pune

Tarun Dua tarundua at tarundua.net
Fri Apr 21 20:08:53 IST 2006

Linux System Administrator

Job Description:

* Provide support for Application Development Environment for rapid deployment 
and transitioning to stage and production environments.
* Installation, Automation and support for an environment with LDAP, Poptop(a 
VPN server), iptables, Apache2, Tomcat, Jboss, J2SDK, SVN, Trac, Ant, Maven, 
Postfix, DNS, Nagios and PostgreSQL.
* Manage local connectivity with ISPs with linux router and maintain high 
availability of Internet
* Work in storage technology(SAN, NAS, RAID), High Availability, Load 
Balancing and high bandwidth operations.
* Scripting routine tasks with discoverability and documentation of processes
* Frequent interaction with software engineers with a view to help in 
development of software as a service.
* Data Center management and IT architecture designing with a view to support 
Service Levels
* Ability to manage and troubleshoot large (read 100s of servers) Linux 
operation remotely.
* Learn something new everyday
Experience Requirements:
* Deep understanding of the Unix tradition and Networking fundamentals
* 2-10 years of current Linux Systems Administration experience including 
24/7/365 environments and remote management.
* Open systems environment configurations including Apache, Tomcat, Perl 
(including mod Perl), PHP and/or java required.
* Perl/Python and/or Shell scripting knowledge is a definite plus.
* Experience with bug-tracking(bugzilla) and source code control systems 
(CVS), Build Systems(make, Ant) is a plus
* Participation in Open Source community mailing lists and IRC to solve 
other's problems and getting help only when needed is nice to have.

* Best in the industry
* Additionally generous stock options are offered


We are aware that we might not find someone who fits the above job description 
straight out, but we are looking for someone with enough theoretical 
grounding who is willing to learn on the job.

PS: Please mail me back at lists at tarundua dot net with your latest resume 
in HTML/Plaintext/RTF formats

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