[PLUG] [OT] Dataone SmartAX MT 841 Configuration

Raghavendra Bhat ragu at vsnl.com
Fri Apr 28 09:41:02 IST 2006

Vikas Garud

>> the ethernet connectivity is also messed up and not working
>> anymore

Connect the modem to the RJ-45 jack of your NIC. Make sure that
the LED on the NIC and the LAN 1 light are ON. Does the Link
LED come ON as Green initially? Please note that after
authentication, the Green LED changes color to Amber.

>> Could somebody send the information about settings I need
>> to check (and the values for these settings)

Login via your browser Konqueror or Mozilla to
with username and password as "admin". Upon logging in, you will
be put to an embedded html page from within the modem. Select
Basic -> Connections -> WAN configurations from the Left frame.
Click on the Note Icon and Delete the "Bridge properties".
Re-configure again by selecting New. Under WAN type choose "PPOE",
for VPI/VCI fill-in "0/35", Encapsulation is "LLC", Default Route
is "Enabled", fill-in the UserName as "vikas at dataone" and Password
as "supplied by the BSNL admin", Use DNS is "Enabled".  Click on
Apply and if a Green tick mark appears under the Default Route
column, all is well.

Check for a line "nameserver" in /etc/resolv.conf. The
'dhcp-client' package is to be installed and the IP address is
allocated via DHCP from the modem DHCP server pool.


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