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Raseel Bhagat raseelbhagat at rediffmail.com
Fri Aug 4 16:51:53 IST 2006

Hi Aditya,

On Fri, 04 Aug 2006 Aditya Godbole wrote :
>On 4 Aug 2006 07:21:20 -0000, Raseel Bhagat <raseelbhagat at rediffmail.com> wrote:
>>   Hi Aditya,
>>You can get it at  :
>>Btw, what does Condition #4 mean ?
>>Do you want to impoer existing users on a Multiboot machine to the newly installed Distro
>Thanks for the responses so far. A bit more detail on #4 - I have the
>/home on a separate partition. I would like to import these users
>based on the home directories present in this partition.

As was pointed out earlier by Sudhanwa Jogalekar, Mandriva satisfies this.
However, I'm curious to know why you want such an arrangement ?
Usually in a multiboot environment (especially home users), One Distro will be the stable, everyday-usable one with personalised configurations of all software, et al. The second one is the "trial" OS and resides until we are absolutely convinced that it should permanently remain ( and the other one removed) or vice-versa.

What specifically is the requirement of your OS ? and Why ?

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