[PLUG] XUbuntu

Santosh Dawara sdawara at gmail.com
Thu Aug 10 12:49:45 IST 2006

> Having said that, how will we pass CDs around? Better for me to burn a
> copy and maybe meet you wherever convinient. Of course, I'll charge Rs. 10
> for the CD. Or you can drop by with a blank and I can burn it for you. A
> word of warning though, I live in Pashan.

I can also help burn copies of XUbuntu 6 (I have an image) for anyone 
who stops by, I am at,

BookEazy Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
831/A Shivaji Nagar
Uma Heights, BMCC College Road
Pune - 411004

BookEazy is opposite Agharkar Research Instt. Please do bring your own 
blank CD.

- Santosh

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