[PLUG] i need encryption library

Arindam arindam.mukerjee at gmail.com
Tue Aug 22 16:12:50 IST 2006

> > Surprised to see how little value people end up adding to a mailing
> > list by acting sanctimonious and knowledgeable.
> [ Not ] Surprised to see [self declared] high value people are getting over
> here,
> and there are so many pluggies which are really expert in relative
> technologies, few of them are having there own books published but none of
> them are writting EXPERT in their mail signature ..thats why I queried ..

Ok, we are on an Open Forum for Open Source technologies. Freedom is
the core of this movement. And we cannot tolerate some signature
sub-line of some poster and have to deviate from the original topic
and launch verbal innuendos at him. Isn't it also about Freedom of
Expression and aren't we violating that.

No one's making a politically incorrect statement here. Someone is
merely proclaiming he is an expert. It is possible that someone with
an IQ of 75 considers himself an expert in philosophy - that's a
subjective perception which he is free to profess. If we feel it is
ridiculous, we don't need to go off-topic and try to show him low.
What if that title has been given to him in his job position.

Don't you think such verbal attacks discourage honest exchange of
information. Not everyone here is equally knowledgeable about

> It was not aimed to hurt anyone ...
... except that if it was aimed at a human, it could hurt.


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