[PLUG] Compiling KDE software under Suse 10.1

Udayraj udayrajb at gmail.com
Wed Aug 23 11:17:22 IST 2006

Hello List!

I recently switched from FC4 to OpenSuse 10.1. I used GNOME desktop on
FC4, now I am using KDE on OpenSuse. Suse's KDE is very different than
I downloaded some software sources from kde-apps.org like kmysqladmin,
when I try to compile them using the provided configure script, I get
an error

/bin/sh bad interpreter : Permission denied.

This happens even when I try to configure my own KDE application in
kdevelop IDE.
I saw that sh is a soft link to bash. I removed it and tried creating
a hard link, that did not work.
Then I changed the interpreter to #! /bin/bash in configure script,
that's not working too.

Can somebody please tell me how do I solve this problem?
What is the appropriate 'prefix' option for configure script to place
the executable in the correct KDE path?

Thanks in advance

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