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>    1. Re: Using TC editor In Linux (Rohan Dighe)
> On 8/27/06, Kaustubh Gadkari <kaustubh at adotout.net> wrote:
> > Hi Aniket,
> >
> > You can use gcc to compile your programs on your RedHat. The programs
> > can be written in any text editor, like vi(m) or emacs. You might also
> > want to check out IDEs like Anjuta (although I've never really used it,
> > and therefore cannot tell you how good an IDE it is.)
> >
> I would suggest ANJUTA coz it's simply the best !!
> I am using it for quite a long time now and i can assure it's stability !
> you can download anjuta rpm from any of the website and install !
> it even offers help while editing and is also quite smart with debugging !
> Also,
> K Develop is also not bad !
> You might want to try this out coz it's used heavily !!
> I use both of them quite regularly, so if you have any queries feel
> free to ask, i would be glad to answer them !

There's also the CDT of Eclipse which is a very slow but extremely powerful
tool. In fact, Eclipse's power is WAY beyond anything Visual Studio can do even
in it's most recent incarnation. The realtime syntax highlighting, error
correction suggesstions, and refactoring support, etc. are just dramatic.

Moreover, Eclipse plugins provide a uniform look-and-feel. So if you're ever
going to use Java, or PHP, or JSP, or Lisp, Fortran, etc. Eclipse is the tool
of choice. The only downsider is that it's very slow. It takes 1 minute to load
on my machine.

For some reason, I found Anjuta's management of Makefiles a bit buggy, in case
you want to write more than just one-file programs. Also managing, moving,
restructuring files and modules in a large project can create somewhat of a
mess. But it's a great editor so far as that's concerned. Way powerful.

I feel vi beats them all when it comes to one-file C progs!


> Thank You,
> Rohan Dighe
> Fedora Ambassador India.
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/RohanDighe

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