[PLUG] selinux question and Re: Fedora 6

Sarang Kulkarni sarang2005 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 2 23:26:18 IST 2006

I have been using Fedora 6 for over a month now. No problems at all. I had
burnt CD-R media using cdrecord. Even I have had problems with nero in the
past; I switched to Alcohol120% for windows, which seems to be working fine.
You could also try installing from a local hard-drive or via nfs export.

A question for those already using fc6: How do I make the fuse ntfs-3g ntfs
write support from the "official" fedora-extras repo work with selinux
policy set to 'enforcing'? It seems to be working well if selinux is set to
be permissive.

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