[PLUG] Fedora Core 6 cd's works fine.

Nishit Dave stargazer.dave at gmail.com
Sun Dec 3 10:29:51 IST 2006

On 12/3/06, sco1984 at gmail.com <sco1984 at gmail.com> opined:
> digest this week. Well i asked another guy to burn FC 6 from another
> location on another media and ultimately on another CD writer. I put the cd
> and perform "cd check" process which comes with FC. It damn showed me error.

Language, language.

> But installation went fine without any problem. I wonder why Fedora people
> give such tool? I never seen this tool in Slackware or in Mandriva linux.

Which is why I am now on FC5.  The Linuxforu Mandriva 2007 DVD trashed
my system (Mandriva 2006) as I had no way of detecting that it was
full of errors underneath its scratchless exterior (the KERNEL was on
bad sectors).  Anyway, your disk might still have errors, but you
might not have installed any of the rpms on the bad sectors.
Sometimes, an error correcting (or better quality) optical drive might
tolerate faulty discs.

> This could take anybody in puzzle and totally can waste his/her time,money
> which is ridiculous. Anyway i just want to tell these all 5 cd's are working

It would be ridiculous, a la slackware and mandriva, not to include
the disk check utility.  Especially when you know most of the people
would be installing from cheap printed discs they receive free with
mags.  Even Ubuntu original cds, which are of box pack quality, start
getting scratched if kept for too long in the card envelope.  I had
some gummy substance sticking on the FC5 dvd that I cleaned with
aftershave (30 min. exercise), and later the disk check told me that
it was OK.

> by next week. But remember, don't try to check those cd's through "cd check"
> utility. You'll get error with no doubts. Alright then,

Thanks, but no thanks.  It is better to know beforehand if you're
going to get into a jam.

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