[PLUG] Linux with Iqara / YOU

Desi Penguin desipenguin at gmail.com
Mon Dec 4 12:30:57 IST 2006

On 12/3/06, श्रीधर नारायण दैठणकर <ghodechhap at ghodechhap.net> wrote:
> On Sunday 03 December 2006 13:49, Anand Nene wrote:
> > On 12/2/06, श्रीधर नारायण दैठणकर  wrote:
> > > 10GB download quota
> >
> > 10GB enough for you? :)
> I waste it. Never surpass past 2-3GB at the most. And that takes couple of
> ISOs to get there.. Otherwise 600-800MB is what I reach..
> Shridhar

I'm on exatt myself (Not even completed one month).
I completely agree with *all* things said by shridhar, including a  longish
post related to reliability.
I also don't see myself using full 10GB, but it is good to know that I have
much bigger download limit.

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