[PLUG] python on windows?

Somesh Bartakke somesh at qvitindia.com
Mon Dec 4 09:18:24 IST 2006

> > dear all
> > please anyone tell me where I get editor of python on windows platform

Python On Windows :
Following are the editors/IDEs which I tried/tested :

1.Pythonwin - IDE to work on win32 platform only.If you are familiar with
VC/VB IDEs, you can work with Python win32 interfaces.It comes by default
with ActivePython win32 version. or download Python-win32 packages.Having
nice debugging facility.

2.BOA constructor - Drag-n-drop GUI designer based on wxPython + IDE

3.Stani's python Editor

4.You can use gvim for windows, if you are VIM addict

5.Last is - IDLE which comes with Python Installation.

any doubts/queries about python on win32 is welcome :)


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