[PLUG] Gnunify 07?

Varun Mehta bambambhole at gmail.com
Tue Dec 5 13:46:32 IST 2006

> I have mainly seen at student level, usually they go onn building the
> same projects during their academics like (student registration
> system, library system, hotel mgmt system) instead if they could get
> on to some real work like say
> contributing to some linux distributions say Fedora, Ubuntu... or say
> Mozilla. Usually all these websites have a HelpWanted page !
> Contribution in that manner would be a lot more helpful to them as
> well as US !!

This sounds like a brilliant idea, useful as well as practical, but my only
point of concern is how many of the college profs would look at this as a
genuine project, cos they need to be convinced first. Also many students try
to pick project with ready things and try to get away with no work, can
there be an authority to judge the contribution of the students.

Varun Mehta

imagination is more important then knowledge

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