[PLUG] Broadband (Iqara/YOU) on OpenSuse 10.1 HOWTO

Manas Ranade manas.ranade at gmail.com
Thu Dec 7 00:18:01 IST 2006

OS: OpenSuse 10.1 from LFY magazine.

Pre-requisite information:
Statis IP address
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway
DNS Servers
How to get this info:
In case you have broadband configured on a windows box -
 - You'll get the static IP and subnet mask by looking into properties
of "Internet Protocol" of configured "Local Area Connection".
 - To find out the gateway and DNS Servers, execute "ipconfig /all"
command on command prompt after connecting to the net.
In case you don't yet have broadband configured on windows box you can
call the ISP and get this information.

I use Motorola SurfBoard SB5100 cable modem which is detected
automatically by OpenSuse 10.1.

How It Works Overview:
1. Plug in modem
2. Activate ethernet link using NetworkManager.
3. Connect using rp-pppoe.

Configuration Details:
1. Plug in cable modem using USB.
2. Start YaST -> Network Devices -> Network Card
Network Setup Method = User controlled with NetworkManager
Next screen will show you available network interfaces (cable modem
should be available here).
Select modem and click Edit.
Let it get IP and other info using DHCP.
Save config, it should be able to activate the ethernet link (eth2 in my case).
3. Install Roaring Penguin (rp-pppoe-3.8). After install, during config -
Give static IP, subnet mask, gateway and DNS info (apart from
username, pwd, ethernet link to use - eth2).
4. Connect using roaring penguin and you'll be on your way.

Next Mission - Get both the machines (one running windows and other
linux) on the net at the same time - any help / pointers in this
regard most welcome!

Hope this helps.

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