[PLUG] Abt fedora core 6 DVD wid LFY...

Ranjit Bhonsle ranjya at gmail.com
Thu Dec 7 19:03:59 IST 2006

> There is one problem with the PCQ DVD.  The magazine has labeled it
> PCQXtreme, which under linux (FC6) gets mounted under /media, as
> "PCQXtreme" with root-only privileges.  Only, the quotes are included
> in the name, and the characters used for them are not the ones I have
> written above.  They go something like \324 and \234 (or therebouts.
> Check .hal-mtab on the DVD).
> This creates a big problem when you try to replace the baseurl in
> /etc/yum/yum.repos.d/fedora-core.repo with the path to the RPMS folder
> on the DVD.  I am trying to put the whole path to the DVD as mounted
> under the file:// url.
> Results to follow.
> Could you elaborate. Do you mean that yum won't work?
FC6 install went a bit slow but smoothly on my p-3, i810,256mb RAM.
Installed Nvidia drivers from livna without yum.
All this thanks to PCQuest DVD.

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