[PLUG] Broadband (Iqara/YOU) on OpenSuse 10.1 HOWTO

Arun Tomar tomar.arun at gmail.com
Fri Dec 8 18:07:12 IST 2006

Dear friends,

i agree with Aditya that you don't need rp-pppoe when u've an static ip. even 
i have an static ip , running suse 10.1. 

well i want to put up a different challenge here.

the situation is this 

A machine======INTERNET=========Router+++(My LAN++++1 machine, 2 machine etc)

by this diagram what i wanted to explain was that suppose there is some 
machine on the internet say (A machine) which is directly connected to 
internet.... but on the contrary i've a router/adsl modem sitting at my house 
& behind that i've My LAN where there can be n number of computers. 

now the point is that if i want to connect or access the (A machine ) suppose 
through ssh from my internal machine, i can do that . but if i want to access 
my internal machine that is behind a router/adsl modem, i cannot.

Challenge is that how can i connect to my local machine from the internet.

Arun Tomar

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