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--- yogesh <ykchavan at gmail.com> wrote:
> How can we have hands on experience on kernel?
Device drivers are part of kernel code. Just that they
are modular giving you the flexibility to load them
dynamically. There are some kernel code that you can
still load as modular.
> my situation is different. I have already followed
> these steps and
> stucked now. 

You have to be very specific as to what you did and
where you got stuck. There isn't anything I can make
out from the above statement.

> Most of the mails in kernelnewbies bore
> me. I dont know
> what to do now? 

Then it is not your bread and butter. 

> can you suggest me advanced kernel
> stuff(specifically
> for 2.6)?

I have no idea what is your current know-how on the
subject, and what you have tried so far :)



P.S.: Please keep all communication to the mailing
list. I guess you forgot to send it to the group.

Shakthi Kannan

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