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On 12/14/06, Shakthi Kannan <shakthimaan at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> --- yogesh <ykchavan at gmail.com> wrote:
> > How can we have hands on experience on kernel?

This was actually question to your 4th step
> 4. Use a PII or PIII x86 system for testing. There is
> no substitute for "hands-on" experience.

I wanted to know how can I test kernel(as you specifically mentioned
hardware to do testing). I wanted to know what is 'hands-on"
experience on kernel you mentioned? is it just device driver coding or
more? like testing and crash analysing and benchmarking....

> > my situation is different. I have already followed
> > these steps and
> > stucked now.
> You have to be very specific as to what you did and
> where you got stuck. There isn't anything I can make
> out from the above statement.

I mean here I tried your 7 steps. I wrote some small char and block
device driver. But still dont find myself as good kernel mode
programmer. I dont know which step to follow now.

> > Most of the mails in kernelnewbies bore
> > me. I dont know
> > what to do now?

That is what I feel honestly. Most of the times kernelnewbies mailing
list discuss same subject again and again.

>> can you suggest me advanced kernel
>> stuff(specifically
>> for 2.6)?
>I have no idea what is your current know-how on the
>subject, and what you have tried so far :)

I wanted to know here steps beyond your 7 steps. There are definatly
advanced resources like lkml ,kerneltrap.org. I wanted to know more
like these.

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yogesh chavan

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