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Thu Dec 14 09:49:24 IST 2006

Hi Yogesh,

--- yogesh <ykchavan at gmail.com> wrote:
> I wanted to know what is
> 'hands-on"
> experience on kernel you mentioned? is it just
> device driver coding or
> more? 

More. Once you get a feel of using kernel functions,
you can start working with the kernel subsystems.

> like testing and crash analysing and
> benchmarking....

Crashing always happens. Otherwise, we won't learn :)
> I mean here I tried your 7 steps. I wrote some small
> char and block
> device driver. But still dont find myself as good
> kernel mode
> programmer. 

Remember, I said it will take years to become a good
kernel progammer?

1. You can test latest kernels and try to fix the
kernel bugs. Submit patches to lkml?

2. You can work on specific subsystems like SCSI, USB,
networking, filesystems etc. and understand what it

3. You can work on core kernel modules like IPC,
memory management, virtual memory.

Each subsystem is huge, and it depends on what your
interests are.

> That is what I feel honestly. Most of the times
> kernelnewbies mailing
> list discuss same subject again and again.

It is a support list.


Shakthi Kannan

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