[PLUG] SuSe 10.2 downloading problem !!

sco1984 at gmail.com sco1984 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 15 15:00:01 IST 2006

Aybody tried downloading DVD of SuSe 10.2 Final version? I tried it in
Windows OS. I got weird problem. When i started downloading
whole 3.06 GB DVD with "Download Accelerator Plus", it showed me it only
2.08 GB , but actual size of the respective file at Suse FTP was showing
3.06 GB. And when i directly started downloading it failed. Seems like SuSe
FTP is busy. I also tried several URL's from
www.linuxquestions.org where the mirrors of SuSe 10.2 final are available.
Same problem. Anybody had similar problem? Or any good torrent which i can
access via "U torrent" client? I saw a torrent which can be used with "Bit
Torrent" client. But i have "u Torrent". This file can be downlaoded with "u
torrent" client ? Ok then,

Amey Abhyankar.
[  Guten Tag !! ]

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