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Arindam arindam.mukerjee at gmail.com
Tue Dec 19 15:59:12 IST 2006

On 12/19/06, YAGNESH N DESAI <ynd at hzw.ltindia.com> wrote:
> Friends;
> Yesterday I had chance of speeking to my cousin who happens
> to be Prof in Computer Department in South Gujarat University
> here. This topic came up while our discussion.
> What I was surprised at was that it seemed to be a egg and chicken
> story. He said that students are willing to work on project based on
> most current commercial platforms (definately not open source)
> only as they get good job opportunities after the same.
> While my perseption is that as there is lack of supply of open source
> proffessional enterprise is sticking to M$.

That's incorrect as can be. Whoever told you this is under-informed
(with all due respect to him). Working on Open Source technologies can
only augment your chances of better placement. Top product firms use
open source technologies (outside the ones with GPL restrictions)
freely in their own products. A case in point are the Boost libraries
which have become the de facto standard for a source of utilities for
C++ application programming. So there is no reason to shun people
working on FOSS.

> Asking a student to work on opensource software is not really encouraged
> considering it would not look great on CV in job market.

What a laff! You got to get more informed opinion on this subject. And
from the right people - as in people who are recruiters, managers,

And Linux isn't an OpenSource panacea. You might want to look at other
licensing schemes (beyond GPL) like those of OpenSolaris or FreeBSD or
the independent licenses under which Boost is made available.

-- Arindam

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