[PLUG] C/C++ IDE for *inux systems?

श्रीधर नारायण दैठणकर ghodechhap at ghodechhap.net
Tue Dec 19 20:47:52 IST 2006

On Tuesday 19 December 2006 20:21, Varun Mehta wrote:
> Like we have eclipse as a nice IDE for Java [I know it can be used for
> C/C++ also], but can we have some other recommendations also for the same?
> For some freshers vi and Emacs are nightmares if they have already used
> EditPlus etc...
> Something that helps in Project Management, and ease of development.

Kate and konsole. For C/C++, jam/bjam from boost is lot better build system 
than make/automake because it features built-in scanning/dependency 
generation for header files and recursion support. I would call it decent 
project management. What else do you expect in project management?

I don't do IDE because when the major version of IDE changes, migrating 
projects become real pain. IDEs hardly provide a reason to use them, not to 
mention that they are typically very fat.


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