[PLUG] open source projects

YAGNESH N DESAI ynd at hzw.ltindia.com
Thu Dec 21 09:39:51 IST 2006

Surly friends OpenSource is currently in demand
but most of the industry in and around Surat is not using it.
Like "L&T", "RIL", "Essar" are on M$ while
"Torrent power" is on Unix. (I am yet to see an Enterprise
on OpenSource I hardly found a user)

I found 2 Linux users in Surat both are students. What I found
from google is that Surat has this rise and fall effect in LINUX/FOSS.
Most of the LINUX users are Engineering Students in NIT and they move out
of Surat and if one batch gathers momentum other looses it. 

While the university is not into it as NIT is university independent.
University provides MCA where students are local and want to 
hook on to these companies.

I am in L&T where I use M$ and our Computer System incharge is more like
why bother of open source ? when we are convinced as Management that there
are not enough people to work on popular M$. Also moving to linux would mean closing
the server room for ever as there is no support available.

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