[PLUG] Why are students/colleges not using *nix systems

Varun Mehta bambambhole at gmail.com
Thu Dec 21 12:47:52 IST 2006

Hi All,

This is a thread to identify the points each one feels could be the
reason why *nix systems are not widely used as compared to M$ systems.
Would prefer if people would append their view as points to the list,
so in the end we still have a consolidated list. [Some of the points
are based on personal opinion]

1. Most of the college labs find it easy to install M$ systems on
larger scales, cos the network configuration ease [read tools easily
available] Firewalls and restrictions implementing softwares [just
click click click]
2.  Most of the profs are also not that well versed with *nix systems
and have some apprehension to work on them, prefer M$ cos of usability
3. Since most of the students do not get exposed to *nux systems in
colleges the non-adventurers too develop an inhibition for it.
4. Most of the colleges teach C/C++ on Borland or Turbo C [DOS]
versions and not on *nix systems.

1. For allowing more colleges to adopt *nix systems, we people
can/should volunteer to teach and assist the college staff to setup
systems, and provide support [at a nominal fee]
2. Have more lectures in colleges to get students acquainted with the system.
3. Guide them how to use vi/emac [or ur favourite IDE] with ease for

Please add yours suggestions to the list.
Varun Mehta

imagination is more important then knowledge

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