[PLUG] More frequent PLUG meetings

Somesh Bartakke somesh at qvitindia.com
Thu Dec 21 14:56:42 IST 2006

Grt !
Karunakar is staying physically far away from Pune ,
but answer shows , he is really Integrated Part of PLUG,  :)
cheers !!

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> On 12/21/06, Arindam <arindam.mukerjee at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Here is something that was going through my mind for sometime and I am
> > sure I am not the only one who would have thought about this.
> >
> > Given the level of activity and interest in this group, could we have
> > biweekly meetings instead of monthly meetings. If there are any issues
> > with venue availability ( I doubt there is any issue, still ) - we
> > could have those sorted. But generally, is it a good enough idea to
> > increase the frequency of the meets.
> >
> I think there happen defacto meetings atleast once a week at Rupali on
> FC road.. the favorite pluggie hangout place.. I think there is 50%
> chance of finding atleast one pluggie on any evening there! ;-)
> So other folks could join too..!
> Karunakar
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