[PLUG] Why are students/colleges not using *nix systems

Varun Mehta bambambhole at gmail.com
Fri Dec 22 19:49:53 IST 2006

Guys!! Guys!! we are diverting from the problem, let's stop blaming
some thing or some one or the other. We all know there are flaws with
people and systems here and there, but we either need to change it or
live with it. Simple... So either we sit with it and crib and play the
blame game or ACT. [sounded like Rang De Basanti...]

Charting out a plan of action sounds good. We guys are not rich enough
to distribute free CD's so to begin with we start something like
http://chennailug.org/wiki/?title=CDs_for_Grab at the PLUG site sounds
good, and let's not just limit it to PLUG, spread the message to all
the *LUG groups. Let students/people know from where they can get CD
for *nix distributions.

People are attracted to the Dark side as it shows them power, I wonder
how many are aware about the power of *nix systems. We'll just need to
ignite the thought, and need not be we always go and spread the
message, we can follow the MLM [Multi Level Marketing] strategy way...
I teach you, you catch 2 more and so on and so forth, but the First
Impact needs to be hard. I know many have tried and [not failed] but
have been frustrated.

As far as students come up with common questions, we since we know
some of the common ones, we can chart them as a FAQ on the site.

Set a thief to catch a thief [might sound unethical], but we can kill
M$ using it's own weapon, 'licensing'. The colleges would not like a
bad name as 'pirates', and also cannot afford all the M$ official
license, escape route change/shift to *nix, and we can guide them how
to do the needful. Give them initial training and guide them as and
when required.

Sounds to optimist... but then this needs to come out and come out
hard. The best 'selling' point for us is.


Varun Mehta

imagination is more important then knowledge

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