[PLUG] Why are students/colleges not using *nix systems

Amol ceo at fountaintechnologies.net
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I think so the main cause of concern is as follows 

1. Most Colleges are inspired by the bigger companies who want ready made
people and have no concern to check up the Labs and the development

2. If Linux/Unix really has to reach into the colleges then we people at
PLUG need to conduct more seminars and meetings in Colleges and have special
promotion campaigns to make people aware about what is happening in the real

Amol S Chawathe 
CEO, Fountain Technologies 
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Hi All,

This is a thread to identify the points each one feels could be the
reason why *nix systems are not widely used as compared to M$ systems.
Would prefer if people would append their view as points to the list,
so in the end we still have a consolidated list. [Some of the points
are based on personal opinion]

1. Most of the college labs find it easy to install M$ systems on
larger scales, cos the network configuration ease [read tools easily
available] Firewalls and restrictions implementing softwares [just
click click click]
2.  Most of the profs are also not that well versed with *nix systems
and have some apprehension to work on them, prefer M$ cos of usability
3. Since most of the students do not get exposed to *nux systems in
colleges the non-adventurers too develop an inhibition for it.
4. Most of the colleges teach C/C++ on Borland or Turbo C [DOS]
versions and not on *nix systems.

1. For allowing more colleges to adopt *nix systems, we people
can/should volunteer to teach and assist the college staff to setup
systems, and provide support [at a nominal fee]
2. Have more lectures in colleges to get students acquainted with the
3. Guide them how to use vi/emac [or ur favourite IDE] with ease for

Please add yours suggestions to the list.
Varun Mehta

imagination is more important then knowledge

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